Leave It To Beaver – Throwback Thursday #TBT

Leave It To Beaver - Complete Series


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Leave It To Beaver:  The Complete Series (DVD)

One of my all time favorite classic television shows ever!!  I think everyone at one time or another wanted Ward & June Clever as their parents!  It’s fun watching Wally & Beaver grow up in all 234 episodes!  Eventhough this series is over 50 years old, I still think this show stands the test of time.  Kick on back with glass of milk and get ready to relive your childhood all over again!

Beautifully Restored and Remastered on 37 Discs!

Inspired by the real life experiences of creators Joe Connelly and Bob Moshers own children, Leave It To Beaver follows the hilarious everyday adventures of young Theodore ‘Beaver’ Cleaver and his older brother Wally. Whether at home, at school or playing around their suburban neighborhood, Beaver always manages to get himself into some kind of trouble, comically learning each valuable lesson life has to offer along the way. Alongside baseball and apple pie, Leave It To Beaver reigns supreme in the pantheon of Americana. Boasting 234 episodes, spanning six iconic seasons from 1957 63, no other series on television better exemplifies the purity of childhood and importance of family in America.

Bonus Features: 

Its A Small World: The rare pilot episode that started it all!

Forever The Beaver – The Cleavers Look Back: Cast members Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow and Barbara Billingsley as well as renowned collector and co-creator of The New Leave It To Beaver, Brian Levant reflect on the quintessential American family sitcom.

Ken Osmond And Frank Bank Remember: Cast members Ken Osmond and Frank Bank reunite to look back at their adventures on the set of Leave It To Beaver and beyond.

The Drum Major Of The Toy Parade: A conversation with composer Dave Kahn.

… And More!

Shout! Factory’s Leave It to Beaver – The Complete Series, is a terrific package that includes all 234 episodes of the 1957-1963 show, with six 6-disc season sets neatly packed into brick-sized cardboard packaging, along with a bonus disc supplementing the mostly radio interview extras interspersed throughout the six seasons. Shout! Factory sublicensed the series from Universal but unlike earlier, disappointing transfers of Shout!/Universal titles (e.g., McHale’s Navy), these remastered shows look spectacular. All told this set includes nearly 100 hours worth of material.

Leave It To Beaver: The Complete Series [DVD]
Leave it to Beaver – The Complete First Season [DVD]
Leave It to Beaver – The Complete Second Season [DVD]
Leave it to Beaver – The Complete Third Season [DVD]
Leave it to Beaver – The Complete Fourth Season [DVD]
Leave It to Beaver – The Complete Fifth Season [DVD]
Leave It to Beaver – The Complete Sixth Season [DVD]

LITB - Season One                         LITB - Season Two                         LITB - Season Three
LITB - Season Four                         LITB - Season Five                         LITB - Season Six

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