Rocky & Bullwinkle

Rocky and Bullwinkle - The Complete Series

Rocky and Bullwinkle & Friends
The Complete Series DVD Set!

The complete Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends series on DVD, including Season 5 on DVD for the first time.  It’s the whole shebang on DVD, featuring 91 trips in the WABAC time machine, 38 attempts to catch Snidely Whiplash, 91 tales fractured and 50 bits of wisdom from Mr. Know-it-All.

Special features:

  • Dear Bullwinkle segments
  • Classic commercials and promos
  • Rocky & Bullwinkle saving stamp club
  • Many Faces of Boris Badenov, classic Cheerios commercials
  • June Foray interview
  • Moose Calls—Best of Bullwinkle Sings
  • Bullwinkle puppet clips
  • Best of Bullwinkle Follies
  • Audio outtakes from voice record sessions
  • Mini comic and commemorative booklet
  • Also includes collectible extra an 80-page booklet filled with memorabilia, writing from Keith Scott (author of The Moose that Roared), and a note from Tiffany Ward (daughter of Jay Ward)
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Rocky & Bullwinkle - Complete Series