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Hi there!  I’m Joe!  Just an average “Joe” who’s been watching television ever since I can remember.

Currently, I’m 39 years old.  Because of “Nickleodeon” and the original “Nick At Nite”, I became intrigued by all Classic TV shows, whether in black & white or color.  My family teases me to this day that I was born in the wrong decade.  My earliest memories include watching hours upon hours of “Dennis The Menace”, “The Donna Reed Show”, “Lassie” and “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In”.

As I got into my early teens, my parents divorced.  My sister and I left with our mother and moved into a small apartment away from our friends.  Here I turned to television to “get away” from the change going on in our lives.  You can’t help but feel “welcomed” into some television families.  Who didn’t want Ward & June Cleaver as their parents?  How much fun were those dinner parties at Rob & Laura Petrie’s house?  Who didn’t want to play in the backyard with the Brady kids?  This kid did!!!

It was during the 1990’s, I started buying many blank VHS tapes.  I tried to record as many shows as I could; however, it was so hard to program the VHS player to record at certain times throughout the day.  Once the internet arrived, I used eBay to take this collection to the next level.  I was introduced to so much I never saw before.  I was in Classic TV Heaven!

It wasn’t until the very late 1990’s, when lots of us finally took the plunge and bought our first DVD players.  Remember how clear everything looked on our old tube televisions?  It took a few years, but finally the first television series to come to DVD hit store shelves.  I remember buying “The Osbournes”, “Mad About You”, and “Night Court” — season one sets.  There was something so cool about owning a whole season,  in good video quality, plus able to watch any episode on demand.  This started a new revolution.  The rest is history.

Season Sets have now become COMPLETE SERIES sets…

Today, most of our favorite shows have had an official TV on DVD release, minus several that I still feel have hope in the future.  Even some TV series that may have stalled in releases over the years and been brought  back to life.  Some companies are purchasing the rights to the whole series and putting them out in “complete series sets”, rather than a per-season basis.

My purpose on this website is to keep you up-to-date on past, present and future COMPLETE SERIES sets, in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.  From “Leave It To Beaver” to “All In The Family” to “24”, I plan to keep you apprised of all decades of television.

Happy TV Watching!!!



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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Super Joe, I love your site, all those complete TV series! You are a Winner! Loes

    • Joe

      Thanks so much! Good luck to you!

  2. What a great site! You did a great job creating this…look at all the information. I am a big 80’s girl and I know where I can find the good stuff! I will share this site with my family and friends. Thank you for making the selections easy to find. The pictures brought back good memories! Thank you and please keep me updated with specials and promotions.

    • admin

      Thanks for checking out my website!

  3. Great website and easy to naviguate. Congratulations. The only thing you could improve on would be to put a comment place on each page.

  4. i wish you would put something to indicate whether title is new version or original. e.g Magnum P.I. (2019). I was really disappointed to find out it was the”remake” instead of the original.

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