24: Complete Series with LAD

24: Live Another Day

24:  The Complete Series with Live Another Day

ATTENTION 24 FANS!!!  I hope you were excited as I was to watch the “Official” 9th Season of 24:  Live Another Day.  I was exstatic last year to hear the news that we were getting another day (albeit 12 hours) of Jack Bauer.  That, in my opinion, was the better option than the “proposed” big screen movie idea.  Now, the big question, will Fox renew 24 for another limited edition?

In the meantime, the 24: The Complete TV Series on DVD with Live Another Day, is in the works, and available for preorder on Amazon.com.

If you already bought 24: The Complete Series in the past, a Season Nine: Live Another Day, DVD set can be preordered here.  The blu-ray version can be preordered here.

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