Heroes - Complete Series

Heroes – The Complete Series
in DVD and Blu-ray Editions!

Experience all the suspenseful action and shocking twists of Heroes, the phenomenal series that follows seemingly unconnected, ordinary people around the globe, who discover they have extraordinary abilities and must grapple with the astonishing responsibilities of their powers.

Join their epic journeys in all 77 gripping episodes from the complete series, plus hours of revealing bonus features, including the never-before-aired series premiere, an alternate ending to the Season 2 finale, behind-the-scenes access with the show’s writers, stars and artists, and much more!

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Heroes - Complete Series Blu-ray

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Heroes - Complete Series DVD

Heroes Reborn - Complete Event Series

Heroes Reborn
The Complete Event Series

Experience the epic 13-episode event series, Heroes Reborn, from Tim Kring, the creator of the global phenomenon, Heroes. Kring creates a wildly imaginative and thrilling new volume in the Heroes universe featuring a host of new characters with startling powers. After a massive terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, evolved humans are blamed for the tragic event, forcing them into hiding or on the run from those seeking retribution. The conflict between humans and evolved humans – dubbed “Evos” – escalates into all out civil warfare. Timely, thought-provoking, and startling inventive, Heroes Reborn recaptures the magic of the original series and lays the foundation for the next volume in the Heroes mythology.

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