King Of Queens, The

King of Queens - Complete Series

The King Of Queens
The Complete Series DVD Set!

The King of Queens consistently delivered laughs for nine seasons, making it one of the most popular and longest-running comedies in television history! Kevin James stars as Doug Heffernan, a lovable regular guy with an adoring wife, Carrie (Leah Remini), and a frustrating father-in-law (Jerry Stiler) under his roof. Packed with a crazy cast of characters, hilarious situations and plenty of great guest stars, this is one show that brings the goods!

All individual season sets of The King of Queens can be found here!

Special features:

  • Audio Commentary from Kevin James and Michael Weithorn
  • Kevin James: A Day in the Life of an International Superstar
  • Series Retrospective
  • Thanks to the Fans
  • 200th Episode Celebration
  • The Writers of King of Queens
  • Character Profiles
Available Now!

Purchase The King of Queens: The Complete Series on DVD here!

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