Jeff Foxworthy Show, The

The Jeff Foxworthy Show - Complete Series

The Jeff Foxworthy Show
The Complete Series DVD Set!

There goes the neighborhood! If you’re a redneck, then… you’ll love Jeff Foxworthy in his first TV show! Foxworthy, a popular stand-up comic, stars as a hardworking husband and father. With his loving wife Karen and precocious son Matt (Haley Joel Osment), he has a single-family house full of double-wide laughs!

Together, the Foxworthy clan is giving the Midwest a taste of Southern hilarity. As the owner of a heating and air company, Jeff takes his signature brand of humor and turns the American dream on its ear. Between paying his mortgage, running his business and raising his son, he learns what every self-respecting redneck knows: tractor pulls come and go, but family is forever! A comedy fit for the whole trailer park!

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The Jeff Foxworthy Show - Complete Series DVD