Equalizer, The

The Equalizer - The Complete Series

The Equalizer
The Complete Series DVD Collection!

Odds against you?  Need help?  Call The Equalizer!

Golden Globe® winner Edward Woodward stars as private detective Robert McCall, a sophisticated former government agent atoning for the sins of his past by righting the wrongs of a flawed legal system in the ground-breaking hit suspense series The Equalizer.

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The Equalizer (Robert McCall) is a former veteran of the British Army and the shadowy government agency known as “the company”. He breaks away from the company after getting disillusioned with his cloak-and-dagger life. He seeks atonement by offering his services free of charge to the public as a problem solver, protector or private investigator.

Edward Woodward plays McCall to perfection, as a dark, steely middle-aged man hardened by a life of espionage, yet allowing compassion to seep through when helping those in need.

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The Equalizer - The Complete Series [DVD]

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