Hardcastle and McCormick

Hardcastle and McCormick - Complete Series DVD

Hardcastle and McCormick
The Complete Series DVD Set!

Meet TV’s most unusual crime fighters – Hardcastle, a tough-minded judge who fights the underworld outside the law when necessary and McCormick a car stealing ex-con who’s as dangerous as the criminals he’s sworn to hunt down!

Hardcastle and McCormick is classic macho, shoot-em-up action style TV. Although it was one of the wildest shows of the 80’s, giving its audience plenty of car chases, explosions and stunts, it was one of the few shows that was able to equally blend action, drama, and humour into every episode.

The ABC series stars actors Brian Keith (from TV’s “Family Affair”) as Judge Milton Hardcastle and Daniel Hugh-Kelly as Mark McCormick. However, the real “star” of H&M was the flamboyant red racecar, named The Coyote, which the pair used to nab crooks while enduring crazy car chases and death defying stunts.

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