The Bold Ones: The Senator

The Bold Ones - The Senator - Complete Series DVD

The Bold Ones: The Senator
The Complete Series DVD Set!

Hal Holbrook (Mark Twain Tonight) stars as a crusading politician in the award winning television series The Bold Ones: The Senator.

In this gripping drama, Senator Hays Stowe (Holbrook in an Emmy award-winning performance) works tirelessly to serve his constituents and the American people as a whole. Exploring the issues facing our nation, The Senator received praise for its intelligent portrayal of the challenges and responsibilities inherent in one of the most sacred duties imaginable.

Co-starring Sharon Acker and Michael Tolan and featuring guest appearances by Randolph Mantooth and Burgess Meredith, The Bold Ones: The Senator is a fascinating look back at the ideals held within our political system and a program whose themes still resonate today.

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