Future Cop

Future Cop - Complete Series DVD Cast

Future Cop
The Complete Series DVD Set!

The Cop of the Future is Here… Programmed for Fun and Action!

All Episodes Including the Original TV Pilot Movie!

Ernest Borgnine (TV’s McHale’s Navy) stars with John Amos (Die Hard 2, TV’s Good Times) as two street-smart cops who have been assigned a new rookie partner, Haven. But Officer Haven (Michael Shannon, TV’s We’ll Meet Again) has a secret. He looks human, talks and acts human. But he’s not. He’s an android with superior intellect and super strength. He’s the perfect cop, the cop of the future!

It’ll be action-packed adventure as they hit the streets of L.A. to protect and serve. But with a cop killer on the loose and a billion dollar robot for a partner, retirement is just a bullet away.

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