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That Girl
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That Girl ran five seasons on ABC (following Bewitched) from 1966-1971 at a time when the three broadcast networks captured 95% of the viewing audience. Marlo Thomas’ character, Ann, was groundbreaking as an independent female forging her own way and forever changed the manner in which women were portrayed on TV, influencing the development of many of the other successful female-lead shows that followed, from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to Kate & Allie and more.

Wildly popular, That Girl received four Emmy® nominations, as well as a Golden Globe Award for Thomas for Best TV Star Actress. The That Girl cast included Ted Bessel (Hollinger), Ruth Buzzi, George Carlin, Dabney Coleman, Rosemary DeCamp and Lew Parker (Lou Marie) and featured such notable guest stars as Milton Berle, Ethel Merman, Carl Reiner and Danny Thomas (Marlo’s father).

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