Gilligan’s Island

Gilligans Island - The Complete Television Series On DVD

Gilligan’s Island
The Complete Series DVD Set!

“No phone, no lights, no motor car.”  Just a bunch of coconuts – 7 to be exact – stranded on a desert isle with little more than a knack for comedy.  Fortunately, that knack was sublimely silly as Gilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire (and his wife), a movie star …hey, sounds like a song we all know.  We all know the show, too, because that 3-hour tour, seen in syndication through the decades, is one of the most-watched series ever.  Vote yourself onto the island for every episode.  Welcome ashore, little buddies!!

Special features:

  • Select – Episode Commentaries by Show Creator Sherwood Schwartz
  • Rarely seen Pilot Episode – Not part of the Regular Series
  • Fantastic Featurettes – Tropical Tidbits Trivia, Gilligan’s Island Survival Guide, Before The 3-Hour Tour and Gilligan’s Island: A Pop-Culture Phenomenon
Available Now!

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Gilligan's Island

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