Donna Reed Show, The

The Donna Reed Show - Complete Series DVD

The Donna Reed Show
The Television Series!

Originally airing on ABC-TV from 1958-1966, The Donna Reed Show became one of the most popular family situation comedy series in television history during its eight season run.  Starring Academy Award -winning actress Donna Reed (From Here To Eternity, It s A Wonderful Life) as homemaker Donna Stone, Carl Betz as her pediatrician husband Alex, Shelley Fabares as daughter Mary and Paul Petersen as son Jeff, The Donna Reed Show is a humorous and heartwarming slice of Americana that earned a legion of new fans in reruns on Nick At Nite, TVLand and MeTV.

Unfortunately, a Complete Series set of The Donna Reed Show isn’t available to purchase, yet!  You can purchase the first five seasons Individually.

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Purchase The Donna Reed Show: Season 1 on DVD here!

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Purchase The Donna Reed Show: Season 2 on DVD here!

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Purchase The Donna Reed Show: Season 3 on DVD here!

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Purchase The Donna Reed Show: Season 4 on DVD here!

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Purchase The Donna Reed Show: Season 5 on DVD here!

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Purchase The Donna Reed Show: Seasons 1-5 on DVD here!

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Purchase The Best of The Donna Reed Show on DVD here!

30 thoughts on “Donna Reed Show, The

  1. Karen Dias

    Is there anyone we can all petition to release the final Donna Reed Seasons. I love the old shows!

    I have searched the internet for SO long looking for the final seasons, but haven’t come up with anything. News on any new release of these seasons would be SO welcome. Thanks for what you’re doing.

  2. Joyce Hernandez

    You can watch them online here.

    I would be interested in getting the DVDs from Season 6-8 too.

    • Any news on Seasons 6-8 of the Donna Reed Show?

      • Friday949

        No news! I’m sad too 🙁

  3. Will buy Seasons 6-8 as soon as they release the DVD’S.

    • Friday949

      Yes, me too!

  4. Ann

    What’s the hold up on series 6-8 of the Donna Reed Show ?

    • Friday949

      Hard to say!! Must not be enough fans looking to purchase this series! Keep checking here!

  5. MM

    I Hope they will make 6-8 available soon.. I love that show !!!!

    • Friday949

      Yes, me too!!!

  6. John C Fjeldsted

    Can’t wait for seasons 6-8 to be available some day.

    • Friday949

      Totally agree with you!

    • Janna

      Me too! I loved the Stone family, and want to finish my collection. Thanks!

  7. Dave

    In season 6 Shelley Fabares sings Johnny Angel in one episode. Colpix records has the song rights and has not allowed a DVD with the song to be released

    • Would like to be notified when seasons 6-8 are available on DVD!

    • Don Nicastro

      That’s in season 4.

  8. Jay Polerstock

    Hi Dave, I wanted to tell you that Shelley Fabares sings JOHNNY ANGEL in the season 4 episode titled Donna’s Prima Donna. Season 4 is available on DVD. I have the DVD and all the episodes are so great. Paul Petersen sings She Can’t Find Her Keys in the episode titled For Angie With Love. James Darren sings Goodbye Cruel World in the episode titled One Starry Night. I highly recommend the season 4 dvd to all fans of The Donna Reed Show. It was the best season of the entire series. Sincerely, Jay

    • Jim M.

      Yes, and Paul Petersen also sang his other Colpix hit, “My Dad,” in the same-titled Season Five episode (#6) of “The Donna Reed Show.” Coincidentally, the record also charted at #6 that year on the Billboard Hot 100.

      Your inclination (concerning the music as a non-factor in the holdup of home video releases for the series’ final three seasons) must be correct, since seasons four and five have been released on DVD and are the seasons which include the episodes with the hit music we’ve both mentioned, which would have music publishing concerns if there were any.

      So some other factor(s) must have been involved that prevented the television airings (until the recent MeTV ones not since the Nick@Nite airings of the 1990s) and home video releases of Seasons 6-8 of “The Donna Reed Show.” But these recent airings on MeTV may be a positive signal that restorations of the final three seasons of the series are about ready for home video release, if even only in an on-demand basis from some production company (MPI Home Video, Shout! Factory, etc.).

      Whoever are the proverbial “powers that be” involved with the home video releases for “The Donna Reed Show” had better hurry up, since those who would most enjoy watching these final three seasons of the series on home video are becoming a thinner herd with each passing year–and what Vietnam didn’t already kill off, old age has (or eventually will). Of course, this is not to imply younger generations wouldn’t also enjoy the series, as some already do and as they have many other excellent series’ (“The Andy Griffith Show,” “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “I Love Lucy,” “Leave it to Beaver,” etc.) from TV’s classic eras.

      If ABC was smart (they aren’t, and are more concerned with political correctness and dissemination of a left-wing agenda). they would colorize and rebroadcast reruns of “The Donna Reed Show” in prime time, as well for some of the Alphabet Network’s other classic series’ (“The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet,” “Leave it to Beaver,” “The Patty Duke Show,” etc.), just as CBS has had the instinct to do (to great Nielsen ratings’ success) with its colorizations of episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show,” “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and “I Love Lucy” shown during sweeps periods.

  9. I believe, donna reeds, daughter, mary is in charge of that. .they are showing certain episodes of season 6 and 8 on me tv, now. that might be a good sign!

    • Jim M.

      Yes, Michael J. Ward, I noticed some episodes of Season 8 of “The Donna Reed Show” were aired this past week (July 24-28, 2017) on the diginet MeTV, and will be continuing through at least the middle of August, according to the MeTV website.

      I wish my DVD recorder was still functioning. This is one of those rare occasions, nowadays, when having a DVD recorder or DVR would be very helpful.

      But I agree with you these recent MeTV airings of “TDRS” are probably a good sign the episodes of the last three seasons have been remastered, probably only a matter of time before they become available by some company (MPI Home Video or Shout! Factory, etc.), at least in an “on demand” basis on DVD and/or in digital streams on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

  10. Jay

    Your comments are spot here Jim! I am so bummed that Hula will have dropped all five seasons August 1st. I filed a content request with them, but it isn’t going to save it. I can’t believe enough people are not watching it to merit a stay of expiration/ I know there may other factors to be considered in this, like licensing and contracts and such. But I hate to see it replaced with junk.I am only 50 and find the DRS a real gem, as does my young daughter and her family! btw, ANC won’t do the right thing, to caught up in politics and PC. Look what they did to “Last Man Standing” all in the name of politics…what a vicious group they are! Too bad! I will be dropping my Hula account since it’s the only show that I watched, the rest I catch on Netflix. I guess I will have to pick up the DVD’s for Donna Reed on Amazon!

    Be well…

  11. Sylvain

    I wrote to MPI about two or three years ago and they told me they could not get the rights to release the rest of the series. They did not give the reason why the company refused to give them the right to release them.

  12. Does Donna Reed sit next to the Christmas tree at the end of Jeff Stands Alone?

  13. Jerry V. Di Trolio

    I”m a big fan of The Donna Reed Show,since I was a kid.l trying to purchase,The episode that was taped on 12/12/1963,Titled,”Air check”.Can you let me know,when this is going to be released?,I would appreciate it,very much.

    • Friday949

      Hard to say if the remaining seasons will ever be released on DVD. Still awaiting seasons 6,7 & 8! Fingers crossed!

  14. Natalie spencer

    I’ve been searching for the Donna reed show to watch but every time they want me to sign up and then it won’t work

    • Friday949

      Where are you trying to watch? Amazon Video??? If you’re an Amazon Prime member, the first 5 seasons are included with your membership!

  15. Jerry V. Di Trolio

    I got the first five seasons of,The Donna Reed Shows that were officially released,I can’t Wait until the rest of the episodes are released!

  16. Dawn Zentmyer

    I’m interested in Seasons 6-8 of Donna Reed too!

    • Stephen

      Me too! I can’t believe they aren’t available. I’ve been watching all five seasons on Amazon prime and I’m down to my last six episodes of season five. I’ve been watching one episode each night just before i go to sleep (for nostalgic comfort) from the very first one on season one. Now I’m having pre-separation anxiety! It’s all coming to and end! Please someone release the last 3 seasons so I can enjoy life for 3 more months lol

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