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TV ShowCollectionFormatBuy
2 Broke GirlsThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
24: LegacyThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
A Man Called ShenandoahThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Avatar: The Last AirbenderThe Complete SeriesBlu-rayBuy
The AwesomesThe Complete SeriesBlu-rayBuy
The AwesomesThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Barnaby JonesThe Complete CollectionDVDBuy
Bates MotelThe Complete SeriesBlu-rayBuy
Bates MotelThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
BeckerThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
BonesThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Bosom BuddiesThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Buffy the Vampire SlayerThe Complete Series: The 20th AnniversaryDVDBuy
C.S.I.The Complete SeriesDVDBuy
C.S.I.: MiamiThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
CHiPSThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
CoachThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
ColumboThe Complete Series (New)DVDBuy
Coronet BlueThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
CrossbowThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Doctor WhoThe Complete Peter Capaldi YearsBlu-rayBuy
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanThe Complete Series (25th Anniversary)DVDBuy
Duck DynastyThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
DuckmanThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Dukes Of Hazzard, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
DynastyThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Everybody Hates ChrisThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
FastlaneThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Firefly15th Ann. Collector's EditionBlu-rayBuy
The FlintstonesThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Friday Night LightsThe Complete SeriesBlu-rayBuy
Friday Night LightsThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Gilmore GirlsA Year In The LifeBlu-rayBuy
Gilmore GirlsA Year In The LifeDVDBuy
GirlfriendsThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
GrandfatheredThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Greatest American Hero, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Green Acres The Complete SeriesDVDBuy
GrimmThe Complete Series CollectionBlu-rayBuy
GrimmThe Complete Series CollectionDVDBuy
Guardian, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Hart to HartThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Harts of the WestThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Home MoviesThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Homicide: Life On The StreetThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
HondoThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Incredible Hulk, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Invaders, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
It's About TimeThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Jake And The FatmanThe Complete Series CollectionDVDBuy
JerichoThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Joey Bishop Show, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Just Shoot MeThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Kids In The Hall, TheThe Complete Series CollectionDVDBuy
Kung FuThe Complete Series DVDBuy
Lazarus Man, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Little House on the PrairieThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Major CrimesThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Man With A CameraThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
The Mighty OrbotsThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Most WantedThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Ned & StaceyThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Night GalleryThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Night ManThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
The OblongsThe Complete Twisted SeriesDVDBuy
The OfficeThe Complete Series (New)DVDBuy
One Day At A TimeThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Pretty Little LiarsThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Prison BreakThe Event SeriesBlu-rayBuy
Prison BreakThe Event SeriesDVDBuy
Prison BreakThe Complete Series Collection + Event SeriesBlu-rayBuy
ReignThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Ren and Stimpy Show, TheThe Almost Complete CollectionDVDBuy
The Rockford FilesThe Complete SeriesBlu-rayBuy
The Rockford FilesThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
S.W.A.T.The Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!The Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Secret World of Alex Mack, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Sleepy HollowThe Complete Series (Seasons 1-4 Box Set)DVDBuy
Strain, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Streets of San Francisco, TheThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
T.J. HookerThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Tales From The CryptThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Teen WolfThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Ten Days In The ValleyA 10-Part Limited SeriesBlu-rayBuy
Ten Days In The ValleyA 10-Part Limited SeriesDVDBuy
That's My MamaThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Three's CompanyThe Complete Series (Re-release)DVDBuy
Twin PeaksA Limited Event SeriesBlu-rayBuy
Twin PeaksA Limited Event SeriesDVDBuy
Under The DomeThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
The Vampire DiariesThe Complete SeriesBlu-rayBuy
The Vampire DiariesThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Vice PrincipalsThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
Wait For Your LaughThe Rose Marie MovieDVDBuy
War Of The WorldsThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy
WorkaholicsThe Complete SeriesDVDBuy

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TV ShowCollectionDateFormatBuy
Doctor WhoTom Baker: Season One06/19/18DVDBuy
Perfect StrangersThe Complete Fourth Season06/19/18DVDBuy
The Martian ChroniclesThe Complete Mini-Series06/26/18DVDBuy
Last Man StandingThe Complete Fifth Season06/26/18DVDBuy
Last Man StandingThe Complete Sixth Season06/26/18DVDBuy
The MickThe Complete First Season06/26/18DVDBuy
The MickThe Complete Second Season06/26/18DVDBuy
Peyton Place Part Four06/26/18DVDBuy
GrimmThe Complete Collection07/03/18DVDBuy
GrimmThe Complete Collection07/03/18Blu-rayBuy
New GirlThe Final Season07/03/18DVDBuy
PsychThe Complete Collection07/03/18DVDBuy
The ExorcistThe Complete First Season07/10/18DVDBuy
The ExorcistThe Complete Second Season07/10/18DVDBuy
Green AcresThe Final Season07/10/18DVDBuy
Last Man On EarthThe Complete Fourth Season07/10/18DVDBuy
RosewoodThe Complete First Season07/10/18DVDBuy
RosewoodThe Complete Second Season07/10/18DVDBuy
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-InThe Complete Fifth Season07/10/18DVDBuy
Cooper Barret's Guide To Surviving LifeThe Complete Series07/10/18DVDBuy
The ExpanseSeason Three07/17/18Blu-rayBuy
The ExpanseSeason Three07/17/18DVDBuy
PitchThe Complete Series07/17/18DVDBuy
Second ChanceThe Complete Series07/17/18DVDBuy
Son Of ZornThe Complete Series07/17/18DVDBuy
Wayward PinesThe Complete Second Season07/17/18DVDBuy
Gravity FallsThe Complete Series07/24/18Blu-rayBuy
Gravity FallsThe Complete Series07/24/18DVDBuy
The Good DoctorSeason 108/07/18DVDBuy
Happy EndingsThe Complete Series08/07/18Blu-rayBuy
Happy EndingsThe Complete Series08/07/18DVDBuy
Masters Of SexThe Complete Series08/07/18Blu-rayBuy
Masters of SexThe Complete Series08/07/18DVDBuy
Mighty Morphin Power RangersThe Complete Series 25th Anniversary 08/07/18DVDBuy
ArrowThe Complete Sixth Season08/14/18Blu-rayBuy
ArrowThe Complete Sixth Season08/14/18DVDBuy
NCIS: New OrleansThe Fourth Season08/14/18DVDBuy
Peter GunnThe Complete Series08/14/18DVDBuy
SEAL TeamSeason One08/14/18DVDBuy
BlindspotThe Complete Third Season08/21/18DVDBuy
Blue BloodsThe Eighth Season08/21/18DVDBuy
ColumboMystery Movie Collection 1989-199008/21/18DVDBuy
ColumboMystery Movie Collection 1991-200308/21/18DVDBuy
GothamSeason 408/21/18Blu-rayBuy
GothamSeason 408/21/18DVDBuy
NCISThe Fifteenth Season08/21/18DVDBuy
Police StorySeason 308/21/18DVDBuy
The TerrorThe Complete First Season08/21/18Blu-rayBuy
The TerrorThe Complete First Season08/21/18DVDBuy
The Walking DeadThe Complete Eighth Season08/21/18Blu-rayBuy
The Walking Dead The Complete Eighth Season08/21/18DVDBuy
Brooklyn Nine-NineSeason 508/28/18DVDBuy
Chicago FireSeason Six08/28/18DVDBuy
Chicago MedSeason Three08/28/18DVDBuy
Criminal MindsThe Thirteenth Season08/28/18DVDBuy
The FlashThe Complete Fourth Season08/28/18Blu-rayBuy
The FlashThe Complete Fourth Season08/28/18DVDBuy
The High ChaparralSeason 108/28/18DVDBuy
LuciferThe Third and Final Season08/28/18DVDBuy
NCIS: Los AngelesThe Ninth Season08/28/18DVDBuy
BullSeason Two09/04/18DVDBuy
Hawaii Five-OThe Eighth Season09/04/18DVDBuy
SupernaturalThe Complete Thirteenth Season09/04/18Blu-rayBuy
SupernaturalThe Complete Thirteenth Season09/04/18DVDBuy
Young SheldonSeason 109/04/18DVDBuy
The Big Bang TheorySeason 1109/11/18Blu-rayBuy
The Big Bang TheorySeason 1109/11/18DVDBuy
Rescue MeThe Complete Series09/11/18Blu-rayBuy
CommunityThe Complete Series09/18/18Blu-rayBuy
CommunityThe Complete Series09/18/18DVDBuy
SupergirlThe Complete Third Season09/18/18Blu-rayBuy
SupergirlThe Complete Third Season09/18/18DVDBuy
DC's Legends Of TomorrowThe Complete Third Season09/25/18Blu-rayBuy
DC's Legends Of TomorrowThe Complete Third Season09/25/18DVDBuy
Courage the Cowardly DogThe Complete Series10/02/18DVDBuy
The OriginalsThe Fifth and Final Season10/02/18DVDBuy
The New Adventures of SupermanThe Complete First Season10/02/18DVDBuy
SupermanThe Complete Animated Series10/02/18DVDBuy
Tales from the CryptThe Complete Seasons 1-3 (3-Pack)10/02/18DVDBuy
The 100The Complete Fifth Season10/09/18DVDBuy
How To Marry A MillionaireThe Complete SeriesTBDDVDBuy
The ResidentSeason 1TBDDVDBuy
The X-FilesSeason 11TBDBlu-rayBuy
The X-FilesSeason 11TBDDVDBuy